Trussardi 1911 Concept Store
Trussardi 1911 Concept Store

MILAN, Sep 26, 2009 / FW/ — Tonight at the Piazza della Scalla, Trussardi 1911 marks a milestone with the opening of its first concept store that is based on a completely new concept of luxury.

Attractive yet casual, solid yet original, the new Trussardi 1911 boutique is an open space of 400 square meters that features 7 shop windows overlooking Via Santa Margherita and Via dei Filodrammatici.

With more than 1,000 hand-stained antique wood planks were used for the flooring and 9 different types of precious marble used in the store (including Emperador, Portoro and 7 varieties of rare green marble), this luminous open space is the perfect showcase for Trussardi’s excellence.

Trussardi 1911 Concept Store
Trussardi 1911 Concept Store

A cosmopolitan climate created through a blend of elegant space and precious materials permeates every corner on the ground floor of the historic Trussardi building.

The boutique entrance is on the corner of Piazza della Scala next to the Teatro alla Scala. The huge curved door made of natural brass -resembling the entrances of certain hotels from the past -is the glamorous gateway to the world of Trussardi 1911.

The Trussardi 1911 concept store is the fashion house’s first boutique entirely devoted to its lifestyle with a sophisticated assortment of accessories from the men’s and women’s collections. There are objects such as candles and home accessories that enrich daily life, and also magazines, newspapers, and art journals set out on a large table for leisurely browsing.

One corner — with a wall made of seven different types of rare green marble from India, Iran, China, and South America — is dedicated to flowers: here customers can admire an amazing variety of orchids exclusively sold by Trussardi 1911. The new concept store also lives at night and is open every day until 10:00 p.m.

Trussardi 1911 Creative Director Milan Vukmirovic, who skillfully interprets the superb style of the house of the greyhound with a contemporary twist, conceived and designed the new store and its layout covering the entire ground floor on Piazza della Scala.

Even Café Trussardi, which was inaugurated in April 2008 (with the outdoor space designed by architect Carlo Ratti and the vertical greenery by Patrick Blanc), shares its space with the boutique to create a single area of 400 square meters with flooring made from over 1,000 hand-stained antique wood planks.

The IL RISTORANTE TRUSSARDI ALLA SCALA, which received two stars in the Michelin Italia 2009 guide, is on the first floor: recently reopened, its new décor is as dynamic and unique as Trussardi 1911 style.

The Trussardi 1911 concept store is a symbol of Trussardi’s quest for excellence. Everything, from the materials used to the products on display, has been carefully studied to create a world of quality based on simplicity and research and full of imagination and wonder.

All the materials used in the concept store (marble, wood, paint) are recyclable and eco-compatible.

TRUSSARDI 1911 Concept Store
Piazza della Scala, 5
Open: Monday – Saturday
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM