MILAN, Sep 26, 2009 / FW/ — Inspired by the acrylic and ink pictures of Hans Hartung, Gabriele Colangelo translated the German-French painter’s abstract style into CGI fabric prints, then using pleating, draping and twisting, he directed the scene with creational inspiration like a burst of light.

Gabriele Colangelo Spring 2010

With light as the dominant force, Colangelo followed its natural force, creating organic shapes seen in the soft enver satin of the blouses and the apron-dress, with the almost solid shades, ranging between chalk and flint, of stretch linen.

Then dazzling and daring, the designer blended with technical fabrics, emphasized by overpowering decorations; subsequently shaded in the shiny reflection of nocturnal hues crystallized by the flare of a flash.

Cleverly using beads, mini sequins and embroideries, Colangelo created liquid effect in trouser suits and dresses, the ethereal quality of light captured and made solid. Just like Hans Hartung’s gestural abstract art, Colangelo commanded where the rays would go and what would be seen and emphasized.

A master tailor, Colangelo chose to de-emphasize it this time choosing to follow natural shapes and used draping and layering thus the double cape sleeve caressed the arm while a washed silk overcoat and butterfly shape of the jacket amplified movement.