Venexiana Spring 2010NEW YORK, Sep 12, 2009 / FW/ — Kati Stern has always been one of those designers who follow her own beat, and that nonchalant attitude towards trends has always been her greatest strength.

So, while other designers have toned down their creations and chose the more practical part during this recession, Kati Stern went for the jugular and decided to propose a luxurious collection that turned out to be one of her best collections so far.

In the past, the label Venexiana has been identified with the edgier fashion set; those who are not afraid to be noticed because they are different. And while Stern’s Spring 2010 collection is more mainstream, that edgy quality is still there.

Now, instead of the downtown set wearing it, the Upper East side denizens will actually be interested in being seen in it.

From downtown to uptown, Kati Stern is metamorphosing into a high street designer that can give Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera a run for their money.

Photos by Getty Images