Carlos Doblas Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 19, 2009 / FW/ — A collection that is made of 100% cotton, Carlos Doblas in his wisdom did not call it out as eco-friendly, as sign that he refuses to use buzzwords simply because it will catch someone’s attention; and for that alone, we give him an A.

An eclectic collection that referenced the 1980s and the 1990s, even the 2000s, Doblas used to runway to spread his fashion manifesto, which according to the press notes are as follows:

1. The nineties existed.
2. The tailored suit is not classical.
3. Obvious: Spring means flowers. Night means black and silver.
4. Contradiction: Long sleeves in summer.
5. A masculine man can show off his stomach.
6. Imposition of straight lines.
7. Shoulders, bones, stomach, legs, waist, ankles.
8. The layer as the only volume.

A native of Seville, Carlos Doblas studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville; currently, he is completing his last year of studies in Fashion Design at the I.A.D.E. (Art Teaching Institution) in Madrid.

For two years, he has been combining his academic training with his work at Davidelfin as a design assistant, where he has had the opportunity to take part in the firm’s fashion shows as part of New York and Madrid’s Fashion Weeks.