Francis Montesinos Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 20, 2009/ — For his Spring 2010 collection, Francis Montesinos wrote in his press notes:

YOTUEL … That’s what my name is. I gave it to myself… I like it.

It is the language of barter. Of what… well almost. Of what… what I say, I say badly… but you know what I mean.

It is the other culture. Their language, the language of communication for everyday use, of ghettos and of neighbourhoods; a mixture of everything, of races, of customs and rites. It is the home-made revolution of people’s co-existence outside their homelands, of the marginalized comings and goings of the workforce, who have settled and installed themselves with just a few provisional belongings.

It is a cultural phenomenon that can be found in every city; an ephemeral language which simplifies rapport and demystifies uses and customs.

They transform and discover the world of packaging and containers which, in the face of a need for simplification, they recycle, handle and create new uses for. And they give them a longer life, a new life. Single, exclusive, specific uses are over. They fall in love with their colour, shape and appearance.
Consumer icons change hands. They take on dynamism and their perfect, cold, meticulous appearance gains popularity.

We share and we live together. The genuine aspect of the origin of a people or an ethnic group now forms part of our clothing, food or an element that is integrated into our habits. It is what changes silently, what to date we had considered to be a definition of what is ours; modifying aesthetic canons, tastes and the strict rules of the consideration of values.

Unstoppable mobility. Countless communication channels. Everything changes and moves affording richness to our habits and customs. And this is reflected in the proposals which include what civilisation has already solved. Only the use and taste that each person wants to give to it will provide it with a vision of its own.

Seen from this plurality, anything is possible and nothing is certain.