INA MEN store openingNEW YORK, Oct 1, 2009 / FW/ — Opened in 1994, INA is a designer consignment store in New York City, specializing in contemporary designer clothing and accessories for men and women.

Currently with 5 locations in Manhattan, its latest location, INA MEN, which is located at 19 Prince Street (between Mott & Elizabeth), is the first of its kind for two things – while keeping its designer consignment attribute, the store also offers the first original pieces designed and manufactured under the INA label.

Tuesday, September 29th, New York’s fashion flock descended downtown to attend the opening of INA MEN. Curated like an art gallery (like all INA locations), INA Men offers consignment / second hand designer clothes, some of them had been worn once in some fashion shoot and some of them not even out in regular stores yet.

Expect to find high fashion brands like Gucci or Prada being sold at a fraction of a cost when sold at retail. Being a consignment store, at INA, what you see is what you get. There is no such thing as “back stock” because chances are there is only ONE item of the style that you want.

19 Prince St
(Between Mott & Elizabeth)
Tel: (212) 334 2210