Juana Martin Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 30, 2009 / — Inspired by the movie “The Time of the Gypsies” by the film director Kusturica, Juana Martín created a collection that references the daily ambience of a gypsy community in Yugoslavia, just like the film, but re-interpreted through fashion terms.

It is fashion with personality and character, with a certain magical air, with melody, with history, with feeling and with passion, and thus proposing a collection for strong women; creations which enhance their features and the femininity of their curves.

Using cottons and silks, the fluid silhouettes are like poetry in motion, like the music and the art of the gypsies.

Juana Martín began her professional career in 1999, the year in which her collection was chosen out of 150 other proposals to represent her hometown of Cordoba in the Young Designers of Spain contest.
Since then, she has been a shooting star in the fashion scene.

In 2005, she became the first Andalusian woman, the first woman from Cordoba and the first gypsy woman to reach Pasarela Cibeles, reaping resounding success.

In June 2007, she opened her first boutique in Cordoba and in December she inaugurated her second boutique in Seville.