Kenzo Shoes Fall 2009DALLAS, Oct 15, 2009 / FW/ — The Russian Empire existed from 1721 – 1917, and at one point in 1866, it stretched from Eastern Europe, across Asia and into North America. And, this was the Russia that inspired Antonio Marras.

And, from that wide geographical territory came different ethnicities, which Antonio Marras gathered and distilled to create an array of shoes that have varied appeals like the Russian Empire.

Peep-toe stilettos done in the finest leather with a matching leg or ankle warmer, perfect for the metro girl; then, there are the ballerina flats lined with fur inside to keep your toes warm, which by the way also comes with a matching ankle warmer, that does double duty as a wrist warmer.

Military-inspired stacked heel boots just fit the description functional and chic, while the granny stilettos with an added winter rubber sole so that you can walk on the snow with it are just what a girl needs.



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