Lemoniez Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 24, 2009 / FW/ — Minimalist and contemporary, Fernando Lemoniez caught the zeitgeist of the moment, understated luxury wherein bling is frowned upon while great cut and tailoring are the heroes of the day.

Crêpe de chine in sunny compositions flutters in blue and ecru or in grey and black. Indian embroidery with colouristic signs keeps the luxury of feelings on your skin alive, forgotten sensations.

A heavy cotton jersey moulds the bodies of beautiful urban goddesses, evidencing the worship of classic femininity. Earths, mauves, purples and pigments from ancient civilizations will dye the rich natural fibers used for evening wear. Pleats in moving, pronounced necklines, long dresses for the seduction game.

A native of San Sebastian, Fernando Lemoniez opened his boutique-workshop in 1984 designing his own collections. Between 1991 – 1997, he was the other half of the Palacio & Lemoniez labels, after which he launched his eponymous label when the partnership ended in 1997.

He continued to expand the Lemoniez label that by 2003, there was already a Lemoniez Lunettes eyewear line by virtue of a license agreement. In 2006 and 2007, he designed a jewelry collection for Suarez Jewelers.