Nicolas Vaudelet para El Caballo Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 30, 2009 / — Land! is what Rodrigo de Triana shouted on seeing the shore of the Island of Guanahaní from his lookout post on board the caravel known as “La Pinta”.

Nicolás Vaudelet takes his inspiration from sailors, fishermen and overseas adventurers, and from the ethnic sophistication of the New World – Incas, Aztecs, El Dorado – to create his 2010 spring-summer collection for El Caballo.

Faded, wrinkled garments with rolled-up sleeves, inspired by the figureheads on ships’ bows. Technical garments in which the superfluous has been removed or is blurred; jumpsuits, uniforms with ergonomic cuts, work trousers, “sea dogs”.

And the force of the land, on which unknown civilizations live, is combined with the ocean air: Amazons, elongated silhouettes, pyjama trousers and tunics. Watery garments, which are strangled with draw-strings redefining the curves of the body, or torn and darned like scars.

From the sea, faded colours, discoloured by the sun and the salt, pastel shades, aquamarines, greys brightened up by neons and fluorescents.

From the New Continent, jungle shades: fern greens, earth, sienna, acid fruits and exotic flowers: mango, apricot, pomegranate, and hibiscus.

Technical materials: neoprenes, reflective fabrics, nylon, viscose, mixed with silks, cottons, linens and rope threads interwoven with gold yarn. Embossed leather nets. Gold sublimated knit and hempen cloth macramé.

Fish skin bundles, cabin boy sacks and palm baskets. Wood and Perspex platforms-sculptures and ceramic jewels.