victorio_lucchinoS1030MADRID, Oct 22, 2009 / — For Spring 2010, Victorio & Lucchino proclaim that architecture and geometry exist side by side with romanticism and thus give rise to new shapes.

Architectural rationality seeks geometrical purity, which is enveloped, rounded off and customized by a certain romantic atmosphere. A woman who enjoys technique and meticulous patterns with femininity and sensuality as a contrast.

Colors are also contrasted sometimes affording warmth and at others coldness, but existing together, producing the result that we want to offer you today.

Plain, attractive, contrasting colors produce a series of new visual sensations. White, grey, blue and black contrast with the intensity of geranium and lime.

Light textures create a fresh, sophisticated effect. Satin, crepe, poplin and satined cotton are arranged in a series of shapes and young combinations with truly original finishes that are enriched with novel embroidery.

In menswear, the insistence is on a casual collection. Our protagonist will be a restless, non-conformist, smart man who seeks moments of comfort. Cottons, cotton ducks and poplins are divorced from traditional concepts, giving an air of freshness and informality to men’s clothes, but without losing their traditional elegance.

Neutral colors, with strokes of intense hues which add light to the color palette, comprise the color range in a men’s world. Navies, tans, browns and black and white, which contrast with purple and green fantasies, create an attractive optical effect.