Versace Christmas BallLOS ANGELES, Nov 5, 2009 / FW/ — For years, my mother has collected the yearly Lladro Christmas ornaments and every year, she hangs the bell or ball chronologically in our tree. I did not understand my mother’s fascination; even found it corny.

But now that I have my own apartment and has my own tree, albeit it’s only 3 feet tall, I found myself following my mother’s footsteps with one difference, I’m collecting Versace Christmas ornaments.

It was just supposed to be just one Christmas ball; that was my plan. Available in blue, red, bright green and white background, the Versace classical Christmas balls featured arabesque patterns.

I got a Versace Christmas ball alright, the red one to be exact, but then, I found myself looking at the limited edition 2009 Versace Christmas plate. Depicting the Three Kings in marvelously lavish robes, they are accompanied by camels before an opulent background of red and green.

Inspired by tradition, but interpreted in true Versace style, the 2009 Versace Christmas plate is a collector’s item. So, I picked one up for my mother who would truly appreciate the craftsmanship that went with making the plate.

And for my sister and my best friend, both of whom are so hard to shop for Christmas, the new sophisticated votive lights that are all hand decorated with the Medusa logo and inspired by the Versace woman fragrance: a floral scent, unique, fresh and sparkling, sweetened by a lush hydroponic guava, and with icy hints of blackcurrant, all of which harmoniously fuse with touches of wisteria, were just he perfect gifts.

All of these are available in Versace boutiques this November and December.