Roses Gown
Roses Gown

DALLAS & EL JADIDA, MOROCCO, Nov 1, 2009 / — Even with Naomi Watts, Leiv Schrieber, Gerard Butler, Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell on the red carpet, it was hard not to take notice of the towering fresh fruits and flower gowns arriving at the scene during the gala opening of the Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco.

Fresh roses, apples, lemons and grapes adorned the leafy skirt that tower about 10 feet or more from the floor. How these gowns were crafted is already a feat, the bigger feat is on the four models who had to wear them for at least 8 hours.

The fresh produce gowns are just one of the many attractions during the Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort. 1,500 guest guests was surrounded by 100,000 roses, 10,000 candles, 50 horses from El Jadida dressed in the national tbourida costume, more than 300 traditional folk troops and fire breathers in celebration of the opening night of the latest Kerzner International Resort.

And don’t forget the fireworks and the snake charmers, too!
(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)