G-Star Men?s Collection Spring 2010NEW YORK, Nov 2, 2009 / — For Spring/Summer 2010, G-Star offers an extensive collection of denim and denim-complementary garments, allowing men to build a unique personal wardrobe that ranges from hardcore street-wear to high-end tailored sophistication.

The male denim silhouette is further evolved in the new Low Loose Tapered cut, which features an ultra-low crotch, high volume top section and extreme tapered legs.

It comes in a wide selection of washes and finishes, including Raw denim, vintage/worn-in, destroyed, repaired and paint spattered.

The Correct Line and Midnight ranges expand the G-Star wardrobe to allow men to wear denim right through the working day and on to any evening social occasion, regardless of its exclusivity.

The key looks for Spring / Summer 2010 – a pair of Midnight Dean Loose Tapered denim – featuring distinctively long rear pockets, extra low crotch and G-Star Elwood detailing – can be teamed up with a Moon Smoking Shirt and Elkan Blazer from the Midnight range for the ultimate in cutting-edge evening glamour.

Over the past twenty years, G-Star has created a distinctive and unique brand identity by fusing denim hardwear with luxury and street-level edginess. Denim remains the core of the G-Star brand, built upon the belief that its simple beauty and workability make it the ideal material for modern clothing.

G-Star is convinced that with the right silhouette, washing and finishing, denim is as luxurious a choice for an exclusive social event as anywhere else. This belief has driven the creation of Correct Line and Midnight, two denim-complementary ranges of wool, cashmere, silk and leather pieces that combine timeless craftsmanship and precise tailoring to allow denim to be dressed for any occasion.

The Correct Line range presents a full working wardrobe for the modern man, along with sophisticated after-work solutions. This season, the color palate is lightened with jackets crafted from elegant navy pinstripe material and from shirt-quality powder-blue Oxford cotton. A broader range of shirts and a wider color-selection of knitwear complement the suit jackets and pants that anchor the collection. In store from January 2010.

The Midnight range extends the G-Star wardrobe through the evening and into the early morning with a selection of elegant evening wear. Shawl-collar and peak-lapel double-vented jackets can be mixed and matched with several trouser cuts and dress-shirts to create your own G-Star variations on the traditional tuxedo outfit. Various fine-knit vests and a mid-length Edwardian-style frock-coat offer the more extroverted a chance to express their personality. In store from November 2009.

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