Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull, Designers
Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull, Designers

PARIS, Oct 2, 2008 / FW/ — The Spring-Summer 2009 collection from zazo & brull emerges emboldened by the inspiration of Mary Shelley’s work “The last man”. The 19th century English author tells the story of the only survivor of a plague that has wiped out the human race.

It is a futuristic novel of its time and many have recognised the author herself in this sole survivor. zazo & brull reinterpret this novel in their latest “X-S09” collection, in which the only survivor of a devastating virus struggles to face up to her own life.

This futuristic heroine with romantic overtones is a strong and feminine woman who does not flinch in the face of the anguish caused by a vanishing world which now belongs only to her.

The design of the collection playfully opposes outsize garments with other figure hugging designs. There are bare shoulders and backs and other garments with jewels jauntily placed at the joints. The mail color is black, the expression of romanticism. The garments are elaborated with an incorporation of black laces ornaments and jet bright motives.

The work of Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull, the design duo behind Zazo & Brull, is characterized by the telling of stories through their collections. Their belief is that clothes are not just clothes but a means for expressing what they feel.
Through their own personal experiences they create an imaginary world in which a new hero or heroin is portrayed each season taken from an already existing story or from one invented by them for the occasion.

They are admirers of the work of Joe Sorren, the mixture of innocence and perversion of the “Blood” series by Mark Ryden or the boundless imagination of Tim Burton’s characters.

Thanks to the power of their inspiration, their latest collections have attracted great
interest. Titles such as “Berenice”, “Diary of a Madman”, “The mutant bride” or
“Forgotten Heroines” are sufficiently suggestive so as to imagine a not-so-happy ending.
Blood and broken hearts, romantic features with dark undertones.

This is their hallmark.

zazo&brull / Xavi i Clara /
c/ diputació 36 – 08015 Barcelona – Spain
Tel/Fax: +34 93423978
Website: www.zazobrull.com

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