mulberry_bagsS10-30DALLAS, Nov 5, 2009 / FW/ — Established in 1971, Mulberry has already taken its rightful place in luxury fashion; yet when we consider that it is a British label, we have to call it young. After all, its compatriots, Burberry and Pringle of Scotland are centuries old.

Since it was launched, Mulberry has represented a peculiar British juxtaposition: a modest beginning at Somerset and seen on the shelves of London’s fashion emporium Biba.

From its two original bestsellers, the leather agenda and the poacher bags to today’s Mulberry iconic bags – The Bayswater and The Roxanne, the young British Label continues to solidify its standing as the one of the hottest luxury labels in town.

For Spring 2010, Mulberry proposes a mixed bag of fashion smarts from totes to clutch bags.