Fashion's Night Out
Fashion's Night Out

DALLAS, Nov 1, 2009 / FW/ — Shot last September during New York Fashion Week, these store windows in downtown Manhattan are minimalist but provide interest and highlights to make you stop and look at them.

The Fashion’s Night Out window with a solo mannequin in front of “cascading” yellow plastic containers exemplifies a clean clutterless presentation without giving up on the artistry. In short, one look at the window and we know that a thought process was put into it.

One of my constant gripes about store windows today is that visual merchandisers have taken the easy way out. They have mannequins arrange firing squad style and then just change the clothes in a regular basis. That is the lowest form of visual merchandising, which is not bad at all, but not good either.

In today’s current economic situation, resources are scarce, but it does not mean that thought processes are scarce too. A visual department might have less money to spend on props nowadays, but it does mean that the display should look ho-hum and uninteresting.

That is the reason why I chose to feature these store windows which can be classified as minimalist but still make a strong statement.

Photos by Mari Davis