woolrichS1005DALLAS, Nov 29, 2009 / FW/ — Mixing urban life with the rustic life in the woods and surfing in the Atlantic, WOOLRICH John Rich & Bros created a unique menswear collection that can only described as the new East Coast lifestyle that can be summed up in three themes: City Surf, Maine Maritime and Glamping.


An interpretation of a new metropolitan phenomenon that started in New York City, on the beaches of New Jersey, City Surf mixes surfing-inspired clothes with a more urban feel, and thus giving us plaid surfing shorts and rolled up carpenter shorts.

Key item is the TANNNING POLO: made in piquet cotton fused with a new German patent allows unharmful UVA rays to penetrate through the polo eliminating tanning marks. Sunbathing on the go!


A trend inspired by the coast of Maine blending fishing and boating into classic nautical themes with a contemporary twist.

Key item is the WOOLRICH RAINWEAR 3 LAYER TRENCH: made in the new 3-layer cotton fabric with advanced technology and shape. The 3-layer cotton comes from a new Japanese patent. The outer layer is 100% cotton with an inner coating applied to the cotton making it 100% waterproof with a breathable net layer.

It has a simple cut and an elegant line, making it the perfect raincoat. The coat features flush pockets and interior detailing that includes multi-sized document holders. The 3-layer trench is characterized as timeless luxury that can be worn for any occasion.

GLAMPING: a new word that comes from the combination of “glamorous” and “camping” and the new outdoor trend in which the traditional American camping style is reinterpreted in a fashionable way. As a result, the clothes combine sophisticated luxury with the practical functions that you expect from Woolrich.