atame01PARIS, Dec 21, 2009 / FW/ — Within each one of Barbara Bui’s creations, there is a singular feeling, an approach that is both instinctive and intellectual. Atame, her latest line is such – a mere accessory had been turned into a jewel.

Tie me, hold me… like the most forbidden fetish, Átame speaks of attraction and desire. Split personality or just a mistress of disguise?

It’s a story of opposites, of strength and fragility, of virility and sensuality. The story of a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it. She is rooted in her time and denies herself nothing.

The symbolism of the serpent speaks of desire and sensuality. A blatant show of eroticism, the snake becomes the true original sin. Timeless yet contemporary, the silver metal imposes itself onto the skin like evidence. With a simplicity that is at once sumptuous, brutal and hyper feminine, this collection foretells of a contemporary approach to luxury.

Juxtaposing a polished finish with carved engravings and embossing that mimic snake scales, the bracelets and necklaces push the boundaries of working with chains. Whether wide or narrow, solid pieces of metal or an intricate weaving of mesh-like silver, the gaps between the chains become as important as the metals themselves.

The snake’s heads are composed of elegant twisted and crimped silver, whilst the crystal stones punctuate the symmetrical compositions formed by the cascading chains. The moon-like silver sheen and subtle luminosity of the pieces are simply captivating.

Each piece is adorned with a small emerald green stone, like a forbidden secret. Comprising of necklaces, pendants, ties, bracelets and cuffs; Atame consists of eleven pieces of jewellery that can be worn together or alone.