delvaux014PARIS, Dec 20, 2009 / FW/ — Delvaux heralds springtime with a collection that highlights the bond between the bag and the person that carries it; wherein every item is personal and carried close to the body. The bag is not just an accessory; it is also an extension of the carrier’s personality.

Founded in 1829, the House of Delvaux has been writing the history of leather goods for almost 200 years. It has been supplying the Belgian court since 1883, and was the first to register a model of bag in 1908, and went on to invent the concept of a leather goods season.

Its workforce is 210 strong and over half of them are skilled craftsmen and women. So, it is not surprising that the Belgian leather company is bringing craftsmanship to its stores.

Every Monday, Friday and Saturday, a Delvaux craftsman will be on hand for customers at the Antwerp and Brussels shops (Boulevard de Waterloo).

People with more technical questions about their intended purchase can consult him: questions about the quality or the origin of the leather, the various types of leather, the finishing, the recommended care of the leather, etc. Customers who want to have a small repair carried out on their Delvaux bag can call on the services of this leather goods specialist at the shop.

Delvaux products are still made by hand, and require respectful, skilled care after they are bought. Smoothing the cut edge again, sprucing up the leather, masking a corner or piping, minor maintenance: this craftsman knows exactly how to ensure that people can enjoy Delvaux quality for years and years.

Delvaux believes that this is exactly the kind of service that gives luxury a completely new meaning.