MILAN, Jan 21, 2010 / FW/ — With a bigger than life image of an owl presiding on the runway, first thing that came to mind was that the show must include a plea to save an endangered species of own, a logical thought because a lot of owls are actually on the list.


Add the fact that Kean Etro has been environmentally conscious long before “An Inconvenient Truth” was filmed; what was a girl to think?

As it turned out, I was way off mark; the owl was part of the whole nature theme, which is autumn! (Duh!) It might sound a novel idea because as fashion critics we had seen designers juxtapose the seasons so many times that seeing something we should expect astonish us! Surprise!

Well, Kean was actually on the mark on that one, with half of the logo of Etro inverted; that said, Kean sent out more dark and solid colors that the usual ebullient color palette and prints we had come to expect from Etro.

There’s certain sobriety to the look, but it is not austere. Rather, a feeling of peace and solitude as seen in the suit jackets that fit comfortably and the ribbed hem suit trousers. The earthy color palette was perfect choice for the outerwear which was the focus of the collection.

As for the owl, as it turned out, it was just one of the many feathered friends in the show as a nest of robins seem to be on the hats and on the shoulders of the models.