MILAN, Jan 17, 2010 / FW/ — With sci-fi movies the crowd and the critics favorites last year, from the critically acclaimed Star Trek reboot to the high adrenaline rush of Transformers and G.I. Joe to the groundbreaking Avatar, it is not surprising to find futurism on the runway.


It is also not surprising that we saw it at Jil Sander, known for its sleek minimalism, which Raf Simons, current Creative Director had found more ways than one to exalt as he incorporates his exuberance to the label’s DNA.

Organic shapes mixed with geometrical figures sounds incongruent, but it works as seen in the amoeba-shaped appliqué on the shirt pocket; or a leaf-shaped placket in a high-collared coat; even as shoulder tabs or waist tabs.

The artistry and the innovative bent is there, something that Raf Simons has been very successful since he launched his own label about 13 years ago.

But, the question here is, are men ready to wear this ultra-modern, even futuristic clothes?

We love our sci-fi, we love futurism. If we did not, then Avatar will be not be breaking earnings records or JJ Abrams will not be getting kudos for his version of Star Trek; we would not even make plastic toys like G.I. Joe and Transformers blockbuster movies.

Though we are used to futurism, are we willing to take the first step to embrace it, or are we content seeing it in the make-believe world of the silver screen?

The Jil Sander Men Fall 2010 collection will be critically acclaimed; but will the pieces that made this very artistic reach store shelves? Are the relatively traditional looks be the real hot sellers?

No matter what the answers are, Raf Simons had given us a chance to pause and think; and isn’t it how we move forward to the future?