MYNT 1792 Spring 2010DALLAS, Jan 10, 2010 / FW/ — Project Runway alum Kevin Christiana takes inspiration from the naval uniform for Spring 2010 for his MYNT 1792 as he incorporated the Cracker Jack and elements from the U.S. Navy dress uniforms in this ultra sexy collection.

Low rise jeans are paired with midrib baring bustier and bolero vest; pinstripe Cracker Jack shorts are proposed with snug fitting jackets. The Naval officer jacket had been re-sized to be snug fitting and short while keeping the buttons and epaulet.

Christiana’s love of rock & roll also showed, as the military-theme became Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Practical but edgy, the MYNT 1792 Spring 2010 collection utilizes new and unique design elements including exposed zippers, chains, and antique anchor metal buttons that give the collection a bit of a vintage feel, with a mix of seersucker and light weight fabrics in feminine colors like blossom pink, shy blue, and primrose yellow, that keep the lifestyle brand current and wearable.

Currently in stores with suggested retail price of $125 – $325 for the shorts, denim Shorts, blazers, jackets and vests. Denim jeans retail for $179.00.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Christiana