Petar Petrov Men Fall 2010PARIS, Jan 26, 2010 / FW/ — In the Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) area, there is a big billboard on the freeway asking teens and 20-somethings to pull up their pants because the hip hop style of having the pants drop halfway to the buttocks had become the epitome of bad dressing.

Hence, seeing the Petar Petrov menswear collection and seeing how chic street wear can be just made me think of our young men in the DFW area. They can learn something about dressing from their European counterparts.

As Petar Petrov wrote in his press notes, “Following the idea of a simple esthetic of forms we developed this collection of pieces far from a formal way of dressing.”

And he is right; the slim black trousers with neoprene stripes, the knitted shirt with ladder stitching, the black tee with a wolf print is something that a young man will wear in a club or just hanging out and not in a cotillion ball.

It’s the 21st century James Dean, not in terms of looks but in spirit. Redefining tailoring and using fabric treatments, Petar Petrov created a collection that provides masculine coolness for those who feel more like rebels in an aligned society.

As for the young men in the DFW area, they should listen to Petar Petrov; you can be a rebel without a cause and still look good doing it.

Photo by Christoph Pirnbacher