Romain Mykita
Romain Mykita

PARIS, Jan 8, 2010 / FW/ — Inspired by the future, Romain Kremer took elements from the past to create the Romain Mykita sunglasses that protect while being absolutely futuristic and stylish.

Its design is rooted in the Inuit goggles, designed to cope with extreme conditions and blinding brightness. As the name implies, the Inuit goggles were invented by the Inuits who are Native Alaskans and live inside the Arctic Circle.

Carving the Inuit snow goggles from the caribou antlers to fit the user’s face and a long thin slit is cut through the goggles to allow just allowing only a small amount of light, the execution might be primitive but the engineering is way ahead of its time.

Inuit Goggles
Inuit Goggles

Building on that perfect engineering, French designer Romain Kremer used sheet metal to develop the sunglasses. Cut in a stainless steel plate 0.5 mm thick, the frame ROMAIN is remarkable for its metal shutters.

The graphic shapes and square frame are reminiscent of war paint, which are also part of the Native American culture.

The Romain model is available in two versions bicolor – exterior with matt black lacquered steel interior bright or steel exterior and interior painted bright purple mat.

There are only 50 pieces made for each color, making the Romain Mykita sunglasses a collectible item. Suggested retail price: 399 €

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Photo courtesy of Mykita