diego_binetti_F1020NEW YORK, Feb 16, 2010 / FW/ — Diego Binetti’s Fall 2010 collection is full of integrity and opulence. Inspired by his exotic travels to the Far East, Binetti’s looks draw from the culture and ancient landmarks.

Delicately embellished by gold threads and lavish handwork, every dress is adorned with unique beads, selected by the designer from Indian bazaars.

The ensembles intricate beading is inspired by the romantic town of Hoi An, Vietnam, with its deep greenery coated on the antique architecture. The rich tones and deep color of the garments infuse the collection through strokes of valiant reds from lost Chinese dynasties, and reflections of thoughts lost to the dark black ocean in the stillness of the night.

Showing at Fashion Week since 2001, Binetti’s upcoming compilation features cascading silk gowns in solid colors and print motifs. “I want this collection to be magical; I want the Binetti woman to feel my touch and see my vision through my elaborate garments,” says the designer.

Beautiful wool boucle skirts and jackets encrusted with jewels frame the details of the styles. Long cardigans, made in ultra fine wool, mohair and lurex yarns, are draped to the ground with Kandinsky motifs to give the silhouettes an eclectic and modern vibe. “My upcoming collection will feature a woman who possesses passion and intelligence. She understands culture and takes advantage of the beauty that I translate into my art.”

The embroidery on the garments create a surrealist feel breathing life into the fabric and reflecting in the eyes of the Binetti woman. Each gown takes three weeks to create with four seamstresses working on each gown with hand details and Couture finishing.

Photos courtesy of Diego Binetti

New York Fashion Week Fall 2010