Dates: February 11-18, 2010

The Final Season at Bryant Park

Tent at Bryant Park Feb 2010

DALLAS, Dec 13, 2009 (UPDATED Feb 10, 2010)/ FW/ — When February 11 rolls around, it will mark the final New York season at Bryant Park. Officially called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the Fall 2010 season will be poignant for everyone.

This will be the last season that the iconic tents will go up at Bryant Park. Beginning the Spring 2011 season, New York Fashion Week a.k.a. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be held at Lincoln Center for the next 5 years.

The reasons for the move had been discussed here: New York Fashion Week Moves to Lincoln Center

This move was not unexpected though. Way back in 2006, the Bryant Park Corporation had already voiced out displeasure with Fashion Week taking over the “huge lawn” in February and September.

Most fashionistas see Bryant Park with the tent; but for New Yorkers, 48 weeks out of the year Bryant Park is a recreational area. (See photos below)

Since this is the final season, it will surely be memorable.






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