camilla_norrbackF1006STOCKHOLM, Feb 3, 2010 / — The company and brand camilla norrback was founded in 1999. The brand’s signature is luxurious materials with high quality and feminine design with retro-romantic elements.

Since 2002 Camilla Norrback has been committed to creating ecologically sustainable garments whilst striving to maintain artistic freedom as a designer. As a commitment to never compromise the quality of her garments she has coined the phrase ‘EcoluxuryTM’. The wearer can feel both beautiful and proud. This is the modern luxury – Ecoluxury!

For Fall 2010, the collection is entitled “Veruca and Charlie”.

The collection is inspired by the two fairytale characters Veruca and Charlie visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.

The spoiled Veruca and her childish ladylike appearance is a complete opposite to the destitute look and worn rags of Charlie. During the fall/winter 2010 Veruca and Charlie find each other and create a playful yet stylish collection with rough and melancholic elements.