elise_overlandF1025NEW YORK, Feb 15, 2010 / FW/ — Exit Art by 10th Avenue and 36th Street is not exactly on the fashionista map but Elise Overland made it so with Heidi Klum, Kelly Osbourne and Malin Ackerman braving the wintry Saturday evening to see one of their favorite designers.

Approaching every season with the same question in mind, “What do I want to wear to feel modern?” Elise Overland was inspired by a video of an open heart surgery, of all things!

“I got inspired by the lush layers of texture and rich glossy colors of the heart,” says the designer, who might be a secret of admirer of Dr. Gregory House, for all we know.

With the human heart as inspiration, a timely choice whether it was figuratively, as we celebrated love on Valentine’s Day or literally with health care reform still one of the biggest concerns inside the Washington Beltway, Elise Overland use luxe materials like silks and leathers using their textures and rich colors to create powerful silhouettes.

Known for her distinctly rock n’ roll aesthetics, Elise Overland went for functional and chic for Fall 2010. A mini sheath dress was turned into a little black dress with the surprising twist of a low back; a jumpsuit with an open top that reveals a turtleneck short-cropped leather blouse.

Velvet suits and quilted jackets; blouson fur coats and a trench coat made of patchwork leather and fabric, there is a certain élan in Elise Overland’s creations that give them a sophisticated edge, which in turn defines the Elise Overland woman.

Photos by courtesy of Elise Overland

New York Fashion Week Fall 2010