ewa_i_wallaF1021STOCKHOLM, Feb 5, 2010/ — “Fresh Salmon, come and buy!”The shout is echoing across the cold market in a small Swedish village.

The market woman is frozen, tired and has not made enough money. She is brushing off the snow on her cardigan, tightens her headscarf and tries to forget the hungry children back home for a minute.

On the other side of Europe, in Pars Montmartre district, there is a starving dancer in beautiful silk clothes that is hoping for a meal before the pub is closing. The air is thick of smoke, and the gentlemen starts to get disorderly…

The meeting between the hard working marketwomen and the faded dancer is the soul in the Autumn/Winter collection 2010 from Ewa I Walla. Thick linen, knitted cardigans and patched checked cotton meets exclusive seductive silk in underwear, skirts and blouses, rich with details.

The influences draws from 1600th century to 2010. Exciting parallels between city and countryside, maids and nobility. We will find the maid in her rough shoes, wool, stained cotton, thick linen with laces and beautiful embroidery. The craftsman in stonewashed crispy cotton, soft patched garments and worn aprons in leather and vests. The market woman stands for knitted wool, thick cord and rough linen to keep warm during long cold days at the market. We also find the frozen, hard practicing ballet dancer from Montemartre district in Paris around year 1800. She will be found in smoky pubs dressed in the most exclusive she owns, light organdy and silk in several layers.

This collection is a strong statement of Ewa i Walla. The details is beautiful embroideries, printed stamps and colorful borders. The contrast between the thick, rough and the light, airy gives a unique entirety to the bearer with the more tight on the upper and the wide, womanly on the lower part. The colours is inspired by French roast, light old fashioned pink, smoky petrol, dirty soil and shimmering champagne.

This year the collection also contains underwear, something that is new for Ewa i Walla. As usual you will find a lot of different accessories, heavy boots and the growing children collection! Children’s wear is a cute mini-version of the grown-up garments and has been a success last year!

Photos Kristian Loveborg, courtesy of Berns Salonger

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