MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 7th, 2012- One of the most awaited show of the week, the label Martin Lim presented their collection in front of an really excited audience.

For Fall 2012, the duo got inspired by references to the sixties along with the influence of contemporary artists. Unfortunately, what could have lead to a great mix of structure and color blocking, left us with mixed emotions.

As soon as the first models walked the runway, something felt wrong: the music, the styling, the story. The harmony between the silhouettes and the shapes was hard to find; it was even harder to understand what their fashion statement was.

The whole collection did not seem balance; loose fits and fabrics drapping contrasted with the structured silhouettes of some dresses. We could see the reference to Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress, but we are not sure it was really a tribute to it.

We also got lost with the asymetric detailing, made with long rectangular piece of fabrics, looking a bit to hand-crafty for such a high-end label. Not to mention the color palette which seemed flavorless, even though the chosen ones were vibrant. Again, the harmony was missing.

However, the collection featured great fabrics, beautiful sheer pants and amazing gowns with their contrasting black merrow edge signature.

As its second official runway show, the duo behind Martin Lim was certainly victim of too high expectations from the industry. And sadly, the collection did not make the cut.


Photo Credits: Jimmy Hamelin



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