ion_fizF1020MADRID, Feb 24, 2010 / — Entitled “My Way”, designed Ion Fiz was inspired by all those fascinating women who convey their own personal character through their aesthetics, the ones who stand out in all fields whether at the work or the social level and who, in this way, have patented their own lifestyle.

To Ion Fiz, every woman is unique and authentic, exuding glamour that is natural but never careless,quite the opposite. Each detail is meticulously studied, thus each piece in their wardrobes has a meaning, a timeless stamp that goes beyond trends and fashion.

It is a collection based on the updated reinterpretation of couture classics entailing subtle research through the garment’s pattern design and creation. Thus, stylism overflowing with masculine and feminine contrasts takes on great importance in this collection.

Colour and non-colour (in other words black and neutral colours) merge into one single stylism. The collection is rife with garments for the real woman, which is what the muses of this collection are like.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week