love_sex_moneyF1004MILAN, Feb 28, 2010 / FW/ — In a brave stand on convention, Lorella Signorino of Love Sex Money vanished black from the runway and proposed relaxing colors such as biscuit, camel, maroon, burnt sienna, pale pink, grey, dark green, chocolate.

Adding three-dimensionality of cubism and the curving line of the label’s comfit philosophy, Signorino also redefines the bubble dress as it becomes the fundamental nucleus of the volume.

Rounded bubble coats and mini coats transcended the concept of the traditional bubble dress.

Bringing textile research to the furthest limits, Lorella Signorino created body-hugging blouson and tiny dresses. Knitted sheath dresses fit like second skin and the new trew-kilt, a divided skirt with a kilt flap takes center stage.

Milano Moda Donna Fall 2010