magalis_garciaF1025NEW YORK, Feb 14, 2010 / FW/ — A veteran of Anne Klein and London Fog, designer Magalis Garcia braved the gridiron and did a formal presentation during New York Fashion Week, thus making this her debut collection though in actuality this is her third, the first two was sent to retail shelves directly.

The collection is already amazing by itself with its flowers-in-bloom motif and Magalis Garcia’s talent of contouring fabrics that gives the ultimate illusion of body perfection, if you take into consideration that the designer works alone, you will say that twenty-two-piece collection is nothing short from astounding.

In an ideal atelier, there is the designer, the seamstress and a bevy of assistants. Working alone, Magalis Garcia has to do the job of 10 people, literally. Thus, seeing this collection, which is précised and flawless just takes your breath away.

Photos by Anna Thiessen and Nikki Delmonico