sara_colemanF1020MADRID, Feb 18, 2010 – The collection was based on the hole as a metaphor for openness, liberation and communication. Through the hole, what remains invisible is made visible, and it is the place where two worlds are connected to one another.

Then arises the union between past and future. A new space is thereby created: the primitive future.
Surging forth from this “primitive future” is a collection in which holes open up in a wide range of shapes and textures: outward, inward…in every direction imaginable.

Filled with movement, they are gradually transformed, and through them we come to see a new focus in the construction of garments; new patterns for new forms. A collection in which functional pattern design co-exists with the experimental.

The use of stitch-free fabrics (manual felt) and strips of wool modelled onto the human form made up a labyrinth of three-dimensional holes which are adapted to the body and instilled with volume and strength.

Sara Coleman, fashion and textile designer, began her training in the plastic arts applied to Fashion Design (Advanced Technician in the Plastic Arts and Clothing Design) and continued with a Master’s Degree in Fashion Management, Technical Studies in Pattern Design and Scaling and Technical Studies in Wardrobe, and she became a University Expert in Fashion Training, Culture and Management and Experimental Illustration at Central St. Martins.

Her experience: She has been a professor at the Felicidad Duce Advanced School of Design and Fashion, a pattern designer with Roberto Verino and a freelance designer / pattern-maker for several companies. She created the wardrobe design for the works: “The Seventh Day” and “The Colours of Sound,” as well as cooperating with Stefanie Pasterkamp on “Tradicción” (New Dance Company of Galicia).