BARCELONA, Feb 11, 2010 / — The Songzio Fall 2010 collection attempts to embody his identity as a designer. The essence of this is the notion of aspiration. Aspiration can be a strong desire, longing or just an aim. Put simply, it´s all about having ambition.


Songzio´s designs embody the journey that every man has to go through in order to achieve his dreams, and follows a theme of courage and heroism, influenced by neo-avant-garde architecture.

Since its inception, Sonzio´s collection has been best known for its ambitious and picturesque designs. His signature visual and graphic elements are characterized and enhanced by voluminous and slimming silhouettes.

These elements are produced through abstract and multi-dimensional pleat detailing. It is inspired by the personal aspiration to make a positive impact on the world.

Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona

080 Barcelona Fall 2010