PARIS, March 8, 2010/ FW/ — “Persian Letters” (Lettres persanes, written 1721), a satirical work by Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu, recounting the experiences of two Persian noblemen, Usbek and Rica, who were traveling through France was one-half of Andrew Gn’s inspirations for Fall 2010. The other half was his 18th century home.

Controlled and precise silhouettes, bell shaped skirts, military notes all splattered with measured embellishments lent itself to the high life for which Andrew Gn was aiming. And though the muse was from the 16th century, the eveningwear was futuristic, thus highlighting the timelessness of this collection.

Catching our eyes were the black velvet with gold appliqués and the elaborate designs on belt buckles, cuffs and heels.

We loved it!

Photos: Thomas Barnes

Paris Prêt-a-porter Fall 2010