giorgio_gratiS1004MILAN, Mar 23, 2010 / FW/ — Lightness and perfection are the leitmotifs of the refined Giorgio Grati Spring / Summer 2010 collection characterized by two main themes.

The first theme is inspired by the Riviera during spring time. Different shades of the Mediterranean Sea from turquoise to ocean blue are the must-have colors of the season.

Masterfully blended with optical white, the blue lines have been printed on soft cotton sweaters that are reminiscent of the ocean.

The second theme draws from tropical landscapes. Light fabrics from natural shades of earth and forest with hints of bright colors like fuchsia and red hues inspired by the rare tropical flowers, desert sand colored crepe de chine and cotton, the more precious.

Spirited prints of tropical palms welcome the soft georgette fabrics for shirts or for a mere detail to be tied around the waist for clothes that are reminiscent of Africa.

The green military-style becomes a romantic safari Saharan crepe de chine and soft full habotay silk, frills and ruffles run along tribal prints from silk dresses for a seductive look.