idol_radecF1016DALLAS, Mar 26, 2010 / FW/ — Nick Thomas, David Hickman, and Scott Barclay, the trio behind the label Idol Radec has a unique approach to fashion.

“We tried to envision two totally different concepts, but seamlessly bring them together,” says Nick Thomas, founding partner of Idol Radec.

“Wearing pieces that can be worn casually during the day, but also paired with a blazer for a stylish evening look is what we aimed to achieve with this collection,” Thomas added.

Founded in 2006, the label is barely 4 years old, and the menswear line is only 2, having been launched in 2008. And as the founding partners have described the label, Idol Radec is “using utilitarian styled pieces paired with a contemporary, classic look was the inspiration of the line.”

And for its fourth collection, Idol Radec continues to outfit men with a consistent message in mind: a modern representation of American fashion from a west coast perspective. Fall / Winter 2010-2011 is a reflection of each of these key design principles, molded together with rough utilitarian-style pieces.

Idol Radec proves once again that the Californian traditions live through selvedge denim, flannel tops and contemporary style.

With a solid mix of traditional and conventional tones and fabrics, Idol Radec has created an extremely wearable line that speaks to individuality. Anchored by a variety of subcultures in California, this fledging menswear label continues to design garments known for their subtle detail and that carry a purpose.

Photos courtesy of Idol Radec