NEW YORK, Mar 23, 2010 / FW/ — Je vis, je suis venu, j’ai vaincu! Paris’ favorite bag, Jérôme Dreyfuss opened its first U.S. store at New York’s SoHo district.

jerome_dreyfuss01Located at 473 Broome, between Greene & Wooster Streets, new Jerome Dreyfuss boutique is reflective of the label’s modernist rustic feel.

The 2700 square-foot space dates from the 19th century – in fact once a fur shop for men – and is reflective of its past and instantly evokes the urban adventure and architectural expansion that seized the city in the 1800s.

In an effort to preserve the architectural framework of this crude old store, Dreyfuss retained as much detail of the original space, leaving it essentially untouched from its original form 100 years ago. Walls and floor are covered with small white tiles from floor to ceiling, typical of SoHo’s industrial character of the 1800s, yet Dreyfuss added a rustic touch by building a wood cabin in the center of the store.

jerome_dreyfuss02The cabin is even surrounded by a forest of plants reminiscent of the Kaufmann house in Palm Springs, the brilliant construction of Jean Prouvé of which Jerome is so fond.

The store’s merchandise – presently the new Spring-Summer 2010 collection – will be housed inside the cabin, bags suspended on hardwood blocks.

The shop will also feature a capsule collection of bags exclusive to the NY boutique, including some “best hits” of previous collections, and ones Jérôme simply “won’t let die.”

Keeping faithful to the spirit of SoHo’s community of art galleries, as well as Dreyfuss’ bicoastal ties to the arts, the store will alternate exhibitions, installations, and various projects from selected artists. The pieces will be showcased in the space surrounding the cabin.

473 Broome
New York, NY