DALLAS, Mar 29, 2010 / FW/ — While some of our favorite TV shows are going on hiatus, some are actually beginning a new season. And one of the most interesting shows to premiere this season is not actually on television but on the web.

A groundbreaking reality competition, “Reinvent the Wheels”, features six aspiring creatives – a pastry chef, two DJs, a makeup artist, a filmmaker, an actor and a tattoo artist as they vie for a new Scion car and $30,000 cash prize.

The six contestants were chosen for their passion and determination in their respective fields: (1) Anthony Valadez, an ex U.S. Marine and full-time DJ from North Hollywood, California; (2) Stuart Arbury, an aspiring filmmaker from Maryland who came out west to live the dream; (3) Christine Daniels, a resilient pastry chef hailing from Santa Maria, California; (4) Samantha Ashcraft, a San Fernando Valley, California native with a passion for makeup and special effects; (5) Karen Beck, a passionate DJ from New Castle, Pennsylvania who began spinning at a Los Angeles comedy club; and (6)
Micah Moss, an up and coming actor and filmmaker, originally from the Redwoods of Oregon.

The “Reinvent The Wheels” experience offers the aspiring creatives the opportunity to work with professional garages and compete to see who can come up with the most original, inspiring and practical car possible.

Contestants are given a budget and paired with a team of professional tuners to design and build a car that brings their artistic and ground-breaking visions to life. The winning team’s stand-out contestant will win a Scion car, accessories, a $30,000 cash prize and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to help them achieve their career goals by gaining valuable exposure and mentorship.

Beginning today, Mar 29th, audiences can tune in to this six-part online reality show on the website ( ), via mobile phones, and through social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Comedian Angie Greenup (E!, Fearnet and Spike TV) hosts and injects humor into the process as the competition intensifies, also revealing more about each of the contestants as they aim to win a new Scion and $30,000 in cash to propel their creative careers.

They will be judged by three creative luminaries: Damon Elliot, Grammy-winning music producer to Pink, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani; Jennifer Egan, Gen Art’s VP of National Business Development and noted fashion and style expert; and Patrick Janicke, renowned graphic artists behind the designs featured in films such as Speed Racer, Blade and Godzilla.

Check out the “PUSHED TO THE EDGE” promo just in time for episode #1 the series debut on Monday March 29th. An embeddable widget also provides all the latest content- from behind-the-scenes videos to real-time updates from Twitter. The six part series will run through May 3, with a new episode airing every Monday.