tranoiF1003PARIS, March 9, 2010/ FW/ — Diametrically sidelining the codes for conventional salons, Tranoi is now one of the top meeting places of international buyers in Paris.

Held at the same time as Paris Prêt-a-porter and conveniently located at different spaces that are accessible to press and buyers even during the very hectic fashion week, Tranoi is a must-see trade exhibit.

Visiting Tranoi this season, Thomas Deambroisis caught our attention. Specializing in accessories, specifically belt and buckle, Thomas Deambroisis treats them like they are jewelry.

When describing his work, he uses the term, “gem buckle.” Each “gem buckle” is set in fine silver which is hand chiseled and engraved at the back. There are two lines of belts, the Saddlery line and the Hand-stitched line, each buckle is one of a kind.


Paris Prêt-a-porter Fall 2010