MADRID, Apr 4, 2010 / — The Anjara Fall 2010 collection is divided into two parts: a commercial portion intended for wholesale and another made up of a series of garments and accessories designed solely for image-related purposes.

The creative garments are, hence, the essence. Through them, the designer’s wildest, most personal side is shown off.

With 25 provocative garments on display, filled with femininity and character. Looks made up of overlapping fabrics, in which volumes, impossible shapes and accessories stand out, in addition to the combination of colours.

Attitude is women’s universal language, with their curves, motion, skill and strength dressed up in pure, noble, natural materials adapted to their body like a second skin, decorated with endless accessories that create unbelievable volumes.

Coats, jackets, waistcoats, cardigans, dresses, skirts, sweaters, foulards, winter scarves, T-shirts, purses, shoes, boots, necklaces, gloves, belts were all done in warm shades of wine, brown and gold intermixed with dark blue, grey, silver and black.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Fall 2010