Archbishop Desmond Tutu

PARIS, Apr 26, 2010 / FW/ — A Nobel Peace Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu is well known for his humanitarianism and his fight against apartheid, AIDS and poverty.

He also founded the Desmond Tutu Peace Center (DTPC), a non-profit organization that helps resolve conflicts and restore social justice.

To continue his quest for peace, social responsibility and inspire leaders to be committed to the people they serve, Archbishop Desmond Tutu collaborated with Lutz & Patmos and designed a short sleeve scoop neck sweater to raise funds for DTPC.

$40 of the purchase of each sweater that features a relaxed fit, band collar, shirred raglan yoke made from organic cotton will be donated to the Desmond Tutu Peace Center. (  )

An added adornment is the detachable beaded necklace handmade by the South African artisan cooperative called Hillcrest AIDS Center Trust (HACT), South African a non-profit organization that addresses the impact of the devastating HIV/AIDS pandemic in a practical and holistic way.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Nomfundo Walaza, CEO of the Desmond Tutu Peace Center, wearing the Desmond Tutu Sweater

$30 of the purchase of each necklace will support different HACT initiatives that include home-based and respite care, counseling services, education and HIV awareness programs. (  )


Photos courtesy of Lutz & Patmos