MADRID, Apr 6, 2010 / — On his press notes, Francis Montesinos wrote:

I know artists who drink from the sea and also a sea immortalized by artists. I know the light, the darkness and the colours the sea inundates us with and those of us who live with it and dream of it.

I know the sea in a sea of waves; waves, drops, shores and depths. The sea, how lucky I am to have known you!

A long time ago, I was told that in our sea, the sea of Valencia, there lives in the depths – next to the lighthouse that serves as a guide for those who most love it – a very special, divine being, in the company of fish and shells: the Virgin of the Forsaken, who is given an offering one day in the year.

On that day, the sea turns into a bed of flowers which the people throw into the sea and which divers collect to take them to the feet of the image of the virgin.

Let us stand up for our cultures, recorded in our lives, words and messages and in the images of the language of fashion, which navigate to create a sea of fashion: The Sea of El Cabanyal.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Fall 2010