MADRID, Apr 8, 2010 / — In his press notes Hannibal Laguna wrote:

Sumptuous, brilliant, enigmatic.
An elegant and sophisticated collection with intense combinations of contrasts and volumes.
Statuesque pencil silhouettes, well-marked waistlines and seductive necklines.
Cuts on the bias outlining the body’s lines, folded and pleated triple drapées.
Intense visual effects that sculpt the figure.
A sober setting, architectural elements and mineral finishes.
Ductile, sustainable fabrics woven with metallic filaments.
Warm, light wools, cropped velvets and undulating silk satins.
Colour nuances, jet blacks, laminated in gold leaf.
Cast gold, liquid gold, solid gold.
Delicate jewelled dresses with luminous patinas and varnishes.
Carved enamels and crystals on lacquered textures.
Unique, feminine, unmistakable pieces.
The distinguishing features that tailor a style.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Fall 2010