MADRID, Apr 12, 2010 / — New York. A private club. Leaning on the bar, the friends are having a gin and tonic. The last light of the afternoon shines through the window pane bathing a whisky-coloured cloud print silk dress. A topaz and coral atmosphere.

Gala is dressed in a waist-hugging jacket with an Art-Deco inspiration mosaic in brown and ash shades and a straight skirt. She wears fishnet tights and sometimes high-heeled sandals with socks.

A small ivory silk crepe blouse combines different fabrics in reds and pink, giving Miranda the appearance of a rather oriental-looking girl.

Deep fuschia satin lights up her black ottoman coat which has zips and golden flower buttons. They are leaving for London tomorrow. In her suitcase she has a men’s wool coat with military-style brass double buttons to cover the sparkling evening dresses.

Sweaters with Betty Bop style bows, wide wool trousers, silk blouses with a retro air, long skirts for evening wear and extravagant high-heeled sandals. Her favorite colours: coral, topaz, brown, ash, nude, raspberry.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Fall 2010