MADRID, Apr 14, 2010 / — The Maiólica Collection presented by María Barros is inspired by the world of French and English porcelain dolls of the 1930’s, reinterpreted under a more contemporary perspective.

A woman dressed in an innocent but disturbing breeze reveals herself to be fragile yet capable of fascinating anyone who looks at her. The Galician designer’s collection for autumn-winter 2010-11 is a reminder of the splendor of the entire Victorian era, during which trends fluctuated between the classic and the Gothic, always seeking the way to open roads towards freedom.

Never has a woman been so feminine, so mysteriously delicate and yet so dangerous.

The Maiólica Collection is, in its entirety, made out of silks, tulles, organzas and cottons, undulating textures that characterise Maria Barros’ work.

Black and white, symbols of cosmic duality, prevents us from seeing where the smile ends and the silence begins, when the secret finishes and the light appears. At what time does the spirit of the night awaken?

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Fall 2010