PARIS, May 5, 2010 / FW/ — After graduation from design school in Rome, Romanian designer Ingrid Vlasov launched her own brand in 1997 and immediately became a cult label in her homeland.

In 2009, Ingrid has decided to put their stamp on the international level and introduced the first collection of womenswear at Prêt-a-porter Paris.

The style, full of femininity, delicacy and grace, captivated many who have forgotten the romance of dressing. The designer believes that the modern woman must feel sexually attractive and free, not constrained in their movements. Perhaps this is exactly what today’s fashionable women and looking for?

Contrast – the motto of the new winter season of 2010; black and white, hard and soft materials, mini and maxi. Magnificent, majestic tailored, white coat, adorned with black lace at the shoulders, cuffs and waist.

Literally fusing with the body-fitting mini-dresses, beige color of translucent fabrics with graphic designs of the same lace, metallic gold plates and geometric forms made of silk. Enchanting evening dress embroidered with pearls with contrasting sleeves and solid bracelets on her wrists.

Photos: Ingrid Vlasov