MILAN, May 17, 2010 / — One of the most spectacular yacht racing there is, the “Settimana dei Tre Golfi” (Week of the Three Gulfs) at the Tyrrhenian Sea takes place on May 21st and starts at Ischia.

As the official sponsor of the Marina di Portofino, Porto Rotondo and the base of choice in Monte Carlo, Marina Yachting is a devotee of the sport and a supporter of the very competitive Italian sailing circuit.

Since 1972, Marina Yachting has been a constant presence in the Italian sailing circuit, but its legacy began in 1878 when Mr. Nicolo Gavino began sewing garments for the sailors in Genoa.

It was then that the search for fabrics and treatments for the perfect sailor garment took off and thus the heritage of Marina Yachting began. And thus today, we have the brand’s inimitable style and innovative fabrics like IDROSTOP ®, breathable and windproof fabrics, or the timeless historical leaders Pickot, Pakos, Orion, Flint …

During the “Settimana dei Tre Golfi”, Marina Yachting offers an exclusive collection of sailing clothes proposed in the historic white shorts /trousers and logoed blue shirt and windbreaker.